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Motterfied Skulls - Unique Art using nature's designs!

Uniquely created by hand, using inspiration from coyotes, bear, muskrat, martins, deer, buffalo, bobcat, mink, fox, otter, lynx, badger, porcupine, rabbit and many others!

My name is Tracy Motter. I am a self taught artist whose art medium is skulls. Yep, you read that correctly…I decorate skulls. It is kind of a weird art that I fell into after I painted my first Buffalo skull. I get most of my skulls from Custer, SD or from people who pick them up for me at auctions or hunters. I have done small skulls (mink, martin, jack rabbit, etc.) and large skulls (Texas longhorn, buffalo, wildebeest, etc.). I like to take the ugly, bare skull and turn it into something pretty and unexpected by painting or blinging it out. My skulls can be described as interesting, eclectic, surprising and unique. All make fascinating conversation pieces for a wall or shelf. #Motterfiedskulls

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