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 An Earthly Celebration!

Eons ago incredible sequences of events happened deep underground to create beautiful minerals, fossils and gemstones. We celebrate the happy coincidence of trace minerals, heat, pressure and chemistry that affected the formation of unique crystal structures that resulted in beautiful mineral specimens and gemstones.

We're bringing you earthly art in mineral specimens, crystals, fossils, jewelry and lapidary - from finished pieces to rough. Many of our minerals are from old collections.

Check out the Artisans Gallery for hand-made jewelry, many pieces made from artists in the Midwest USA. This highlights agates and jaspers from all over the world - from Mexican lace agates and plumes, coprolight to moss agates, petrified woods and Wyoming jades.

We have teaching aids for geology, including books, hardness testing tools, and mineral ID kits - especially created for science teachers and home schoolers!

A Collector

A Collector's Guide to The Granite Pegmatite

On Sale! A Collector's Guide to The Granite Pegmatite Book

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A Collector's Guide to the Granite Pegmatites

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by Vandall T. King

Schiffer Earth Science Monographs Volume 8, 2010

96 pages.

Granite pegmatites have long been admired by gem and mineral collectors as a source of fine specimens, gem materials and sometimes stupendously huge crystals. Pegmatites can also host important deposits of ore minerals and industrial commodities such as feldspar and mica. At the same time, their physical and chemial complexity present daunting challenges to researchers who seek to better understand their nature and origins. 

With 209 stunning color photos and clear text this book provides the reader wtih a straight forward discussion of granite pegmatites. The chapters cover pegmatite forms and distributions, structures and crystal, mineral and gem pockets. Also includes references for further study. It contains examples from North America where possible, although worldwide crystal specimens also illustrate the text.