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Fossil- Trilobite - Coltraneia (Tower Eyes)

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Trilobite - Coltraneia. Devonian Era, Phaecopida, Morocco.

This trilobite specimen has large faceted eyes (Tower eyes) that would have given a large field of view. Body is slightly raised, giving a great 3D shape.

Morocco is known for  an incredible array of well preserved trilobites. These diverse trilobites includes some of the strangest, adorned with horns, spines and spikes. They date back to the Devonian - 345 to 395 million years ago.

  • Faceted eyes
  • Clearly defined shell details
  • Excellent condition
  • AGE -Lower Devonian, 
  • FORMATION Lhandar Formation
  • Size: 2.25" x 2" (matrix) size of Trilobite is 1.75" x 1.25.
  • Atchana, Morocco
  • From an old 1950s-1990s collection

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