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Kit - Deluxe Hardness Tester

Kit - Deluxe Hardness Tester

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Deluxe Hardness Pick Set with streak plate and magnet

The Deluxe Hardness Pick Set is a tool for Mineral Identification, including a set of Hardness Points for performing a 'scratch test' on an unknown mineral to determine its Hardness under the Mohs scale. This deluxe kit includes two other mineral identification tests - a Streak Plate for determining an unknown mineral's inherent Color, and a Magnet for testing for minerals such as Magnetite, Pyrrhotite, and Nickel-Iron Meteorites. All of this comes packaged in a beautiful mahogany-finished Wooden Case.

  • This set includes 8 Mohs' Hardness Points from Mohs' 2 through Mohs' 9, nicely mounted in nickel-plated Brass, color-coded, number-stamped, and double-ended Pin Vises, along with two Hardness Plates of Mohs' 3.5 and 5.5, a Streak Plate, a Magnet, and a 100x Sharpening Stone, enhanced by Instructions, Table of Minerals sorted by Mohs' Hardness, all neatly packaged in a compact, Wooden Case.
  • To perform a scratch test, select a numbered Hardness point, and try to scratch a flat, smooth surface of the mineral. For example, if the number 6 point scratches your mineral, but the number 5 point does not, then your mineral has a Mohs' Hardness value of about 5.5. This is an important mineral identifying criteria.
  • The Hardness Points are made of Metals and Alloys of equivalent Mohs' Hardness as the mineral standards, so the points will not break off, and they can easily be re-sharpened, and ultimately replaced after many years.

 By Mineralab

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