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Very colorful minerals from the Deccan flats area.

You will find bowtie crystals in pink, peach, rose and reds, and clusters of aqua, bright blue and rose stilbites, apophylites, fluor-apophylites and cavansites! Fine white mesolites spears and puffball oolites - hard to believe these are actually minerals!

 From an old collection from 1950s thru 1990s. 

Mineral locations include Poona, Mumbai, Jalagon, Maharashtra and other areas in India.

For the Rockhunter in your life!

Minerals from classic localities, like Illinois fluorites, Lake Superior and Montana agates, and from old and new collections. 

Fine mineral specimens like fluorites, geodes, thundereggs, fossils, calcites, obsidian, apophyllite, mesolites, stilbites, halites, amazonite, wavelite, fortification agates, quartz, pyrites, amethyst, corals, gemstones and petrified wood. 

Available sizes vary from micros and thumbnails, to minatures, small cabinets and cabinets. 

Mineral specimen kits also available for science teachers! These include sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous sets, with each specimen identified and indexed. Also available is the Energy Resource kit focused on petroleum.

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