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Agate Slab - Brazilian Agate Slab

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Polished Brazilian agate slab is a flattened oval with a black rim and thin band of blue agate.

Interior is banded tan agate with subtle white fortification layers and a small white crystal druzy opening in center and a secondary center formation on the right side. **Bonus -Slight iris effect when back lit!

  • 6.5 w x3.25 tall, 1/4" thick (5mm thick, 80mm tall, 175 mm wide)
  • High polish on both sides
  • Iris effect when back lit (but not visible in photo)
  • No dings, cracks or fractures
  • Comes with stand. 
  • Only one like this in stock.
  • From Brazil

This agate slab delivers natural simplicity to tabletops, display cases, and is a gorgeous accent to any office or living room display.

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