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Fluorites - colorful crystals From Illinois, New Mexico, Ohio, Colorado, Mexico

All types of Fluorite crystals - colorful crystal cubes from Illinois, Ohio, Colorado and Mexico!
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Fluorite is one of the most popular and, even obsessive, minerals to add to your collection. Fluorite can be found in many colors and locations from around the world. 

With a variety of colors - clear, yellow, white, green, blue and the most familiar purple, fluorite also can have many colors in one specimen.

Illinois fluorite is popular in the purple, yellow, clear and blue varietys.
Fluorite from Ohio is often yellow or gold.
Fluorite from England is often a dark green.
Specimens from China are a variety of light green to dark, pink, red and yellow.
Many specimens also fluoresce under UV short/med/long wave lights.

Aside from colors of fluorite, you can also find phantoms, bubbles, windows, barite balls, marcasite layers and sparkles, pyrite, oil drops, and some incredible zoning patterns. This is what many collectors enjoy discovering in each piece.