For rockhounds, teachers and mineral lovers!

Earth Science Tools and Science STEM Kits

For anyone interested in learning more about minerals, how to identify them with tools and tests, and discover sample kits of each classification, along with the Natures Energy Natural Resources kit. 

  • Basic Mineral Identification Kits
  • Hardness Test Kit
  • Introduction to Rocks Specimen Kit
  • Nature's Energy Natural Resources kit
  • Metamorphic specimen kit
  • Igneous specimen kit
  • Sedimentary specimen kit


    • Identify gems & minerals with Direct Reading Specific Gravity Balance
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    It's all about the rocks! Discover tools and techniques to identify your rocks and minerals. Get samples of the characteristics of different types of rocks, learn about the rock cycle, and answer the questions:  What is a sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rock? Why does it matter?

    For general information and mineral samples, there is the Introduction to Rocks Specimen Kit. A collection of 15 labeled and identified rocks from each group - igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks and sedimentary rocks. Specimens include granite, obsidian, pumice, basalt, porphyry, gneiss, schist, slate, marble, quartzite, conglomerate, gypsum, shale, limestone and sandstone. Kits also includes a chart showing the 3 groups of rocks and the rock cycle. 

    Science teachers will love the specific specimen boxes of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock examples.  Kits also includes a chart showing the 3 groups of rocks and the rock cycle.

    You can also find the Nature's Energy Source kit that includes samples of two major forms of fossil fuels, with 9 specimens, including crude oil, oil shale, tar sand/sandstone, biomass/peat, lignite coal, jet coal, bituminous coal, anthracite coal and gilsonite/Uintaite.

    Get down to the nitty-gritty for mineral identification with the Hardness tester, based on the Mohs Hardness scale, and the Direct Reading Specific Gravity Balance to identify gemstones and minerals by specific gravity and hardness.