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Belt Buckles with Designer Agate Cabs

Beautiful cabs in agates, jaspers, jade, crazy lace and pyrite adorn belt buckles, on bases in silver or gold tone finish, in small, medium and large sizes. Some belt buckles also have double cabs!
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Brand new - never worn! From an old rock shop active in the 1960-1980s, these are exceptional belt buckles with quality construction PLUS the cabochons used were crafted from old stock rough agate that is mostly no longer available today. 

What are designer agate cabs?

These cabochons were created by hand and chosen for their outstanding colors and banding patterns. Surfaces are nicely domed and polished. Some of the Crazy Lace agates used in these buckles are rare, especially the reds, yellows and oranges. You will also find jade, moss agate, picture stone jaspers and bloodstones in the cab collection. 

Pyrite Sun Cabs are a unique style in the Midwest US, as the pyrite suns are only formed in the coal seams of northern Illinois. The flat disks have a radial pattern that forms a sun disk image. These disks have been shaped to fit the round mountings of the buckles. No deterioration or oxidation has happened on the pyrite suns used. 

Pyrite Sun cab