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Minerals from Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin - including pyrites, chalcopyrites, galena, sphalerite, calcites and quartz in many forms! These are the sparkly, gittery ones!
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Minerals from the Midwest are some of the most affordable and awesome specimens to be found! Quartz and calcites, pyrites, barite crystals, and galena are among the most commonly found.

Illinois - The pyrite suns are only found around Sparta, Illinois. Geodes can be found in many creek beds and along the Mississippi river. 

Iowa - Barite crystals, pyrites and calcites are spectacular and include some new finds. Geodes are also sourced here and can be found along many rivers and creekbeds. 

Minnesota and Wisconsin - iron-ore related minerals such as hematite and magnetite, and high grade chert, flint and agates can be found in both states.  

Missouri - the top mineral specimen producers are the mines of the Viburnum Trend in Southeast Missouri in Iron and Reynolds Counties. Superb specimens of galena, calcite, chalcopyrite, pyrite, and siegenite can be found in museum display cases around the world. The mines currently operating are Brushy Creek, Buick, Casteel, Fletcher, Sweetwater and West Fork. Some of the other mines in the Viburnum Trend have either closed or have been incorporated into the present mines. Some of these include the Cominco, Indian Creek, Magmont, Viburnum No. 29 and Viburnum No. 35 mines..