Collection: Agates, Agate Slabs and polished Cabochons for home decor or use in jewelry or Lapidary Arts

Agates, slabs and polished cabochons are ready for you to use in home decor or integrated into jewelry or artwork. 

Agates are sliced in half on a lapidary rock saw, and face polished to bring out the patterns and colors in the agate. There are many patterns that can be found - such as fortifications, tubes, dendrite, spherical, layers, bands and orbicular.

Slabs are sliced from the host agate, into thin sections, usually polished on one side, but sometimes both sides to take advantage of transparency in the agate.

Cabochons can be standard size ovals or rounds, or free-form, for use in jewelry, wind chimes, pendants and crafts. Unique at Earthinsync are goldsheen obsidian cabs - exceptional in that they have been domed and polished on both sides of the cabochon.