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Agate Slab - Brazilian agate slab with large crystal center

Agate Slab - Brazilian agate slab with large crystal center

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Brazilian agate slab with banding and a secondary crystal center.

Brazilian agate - dyed blue but banding is visible, clear translucent layer then solid clear crystal center with a tiny opening. Rim color band goes transparent to green before shell. High smooth polish both sides.   

  • Rind on outer edge is the raw agate shell, inside agate shows gorgeous banding.
  • Highly polished on both sides. Smooth, no dings, cracks or fractures.
  • 12.7 cm diameter (5.5 inch diameter) x 4mm thick.
  • Dyed Blue
  • Comes with stand. 
  • Only one like this in stock.
  • From Brazil
This agate slab delivers natural simplicity to tabletops, display cases, and shelves, and is a gorgeous accent to any office or living room display.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee by Earthinsync.  Full transparency for any alterations, polishing or color changes on specimens beyond normal cleaning treatments. 



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