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Eggs, Spheres, Pyramids and Pillars

Spheres and Eggs in goldsheen obsidian, malachite, orange calcites, colorful agates, marble, fossil stones, petrified woods, onyx and crystal balls!

Pyramids in lepidolite, agate, calcite, obsidian and black onyx.

Crystal Pillars - clear quartz pillars large and lovely.

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What do you do with the rocks you collect? Some people work it!

Lapidary arts have been around for hundreds of years - from working sandstones in Egypt, to marble for sculptures, and carving gemstones for jewelry. 

Here is a selection of eggs, spheres, pillars and pyramids created out of agates, jaspers, gemstones, onyx and marble. 

Spheres and eggs require a special machine with two or three grinding heads to wear down the edges of the rock to form the smooth polished spheres.