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80006-Sedimentary Mineral Specimens - overview

Kit - Mineral ID Kit - Sedimentary

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Mineral ID Kit - Sedimentary

15 specimen kit of common sedimentary rocks, all numbers and identified. Also includes chart of Sedimentary rocks from Arkose, breccia to conglomerate (by size of rock particles), divided by clastic, chemical and organic. Specimens include conglomerate, sandstone, quartz sandstone, arkose, shale, oil shale, limestone, oolitic limestone, fossil limestone, dolomite, rock gypsum, calcareous tufa, rock salt, bituminous coal. 

  • Sedimentary rock collection for geological study
  • 15 representative sedimentary rock specimens for detailed examination
  • Number coded with key sheet for identification
  • Compartmented tray for display and storage
  • Specimens measure 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 inches (L x W)

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