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Best Minerals to Collect for Beginners

Many people start with crystals - the colors and shapes are fascinating and attract many young collectors. They are fairly easy to identify in the ground, easy to find, store.

Examples of these would be 

  • Amethyst - the bright purple colors can be found in the eastern US, and more rarely, the red specimens from Thunder Bay, Ontario. 
  • Quartz - clear, citrine and smokey crystals can be found in many spots in the US. Mount Ida, Arkansas is a classic hunting locality that is still open to collecting. Quartz crystals can also be found in areas of the eastern US. 
  • Druzy quartz is plentiful in areas of Missouri, Iowa and can be found along road cuts, streams and creeks. 
  • Selenite crystals are found in Oklahoma and Nebraska, on flat dry plains, along road cuts and weathering out of hill sides.
  • Lake Superior agates can be found along any stony beaches around the Great Lakes, mainly Superior, Michigan, and Ontario.  
  • Geodes can be found along in the midwest, along river banks, creeks and streams. In Illinois and Iowa, there are 'geode farms' that have areas of ground dug out along the geode layer so the general public can dig their own geodes. After a couple of hours digging in the clay, some outstanding geodes of all sizes can be found and taken home. Some areas will also crack them for you. (Do NOT use a hammer as this will destroy the crystals inside).