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Agate Slabs - set of 4 Braziian Agate slabs

Agate Slabs - set of 4 Braziian Agate slabs

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This set of 4 Agate slabs is in all natural colors, and each is polished on both sides. A great slab collection for display or to use in a craft or lapidary project! 

Two of the slabs show an Iris effect (very hard to photograph). Three slabs have slight hairline fractures on edges in various spots but not felt on surfaces. All slabs are approx 4 mm thick. 

  • Slab 1 - Polished Brazilian agate slab, high polish on front, dull polish on back,  1/4" thick, translucent brown oval with infiltration channel, fortification banding, brown rim. With gorgeous brown translucency except where natural blue silica has covered banding. Center has a bright yellow spot, and a small white druzy center. Approx size - 11.5 cm wide x 7 cm tall, 4mm thick. 
  • Slab 2 - Polished Brazilian agate slab, 1/4" thick.this is a flattened oval, with a brown rim and translucent fortification bands all the way to the center. Solid clear center. Slight Iris effect when back lit. Approx size 11.5 cm wide x 7 cm tall, 4mm thick
  • Slab 3 - Polished Brazilian agate slab, high polish on front, and back,  1/4" thick, translucent tan and orange oval with infiltration channel. Fortification banding, white rim, gorgeous brown translucency except where natural red silica has filled the center. Slight iris effect on this when back lit. Approx size 11 cm x 8.5 cm x 4mm thick. 
  • Slab 4 - Polished Brazilian agate slab, 1/4" thick, flattened oval, brown rim, white infiltration channel, solid brown/grey agate band stops at center of white quartz crystals. Approx size 9 cm x 6 cm x 4mm thick. 

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