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Crystal - Rams Horn Selenite - Orange (Gypsum) from Mexico

Crystal - Rams Horn Selenite - Orange (Gypsum) from Mexico

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Rams Horn Selenite - Orange (Gypsum).

This is a 1950's vintage Old Stock specimen of Ram Horn Selenite from Chihuahua, Mexico  from a 1950s-1990s collection. Rams Horn Selenite is very difficult to find. This specimen with a curved outgrowth of a tubular crystal known as Rams horn. 

  • These are fragile and will be boxed before shipping, however some loss may be possible during handling. 
  • This specimen measures 6 cm x 4 cm x 5cm tall (2.5" x 2.25 x 2.25" tall)
  • Condition is excellent. Flaws - no visible

100% Guarantee by Earthinsync. 


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