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Petrified Wood - Petrified Wood Slab-Arizona (Araucarioxylon)

Petrified Wood - Petrified Wood Slab-Arizona (Araucarioxylon)

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Colorful Petrified Wood (Araucarioxylon) Slab from Arizona. 

This is a vibrantly colored, 5.5 inch polished slab of petrified wood (Araucarioxylon) from Arizona. It has been polished on the front face and is smooth on the back.

The vibrant coloration is due to the contaminating minerals in the silica which replaced the original wood structure. The pinks and reds are due to hematite, a form of oxidized iron. 
  • 14 cm wide x 11 cm toll x 1 cm thick.(5.5" wide x 4" x .5")
  • Solid slab - face highly polished. Smooth back.
  • Wood grain visible on edges. .
  • Comes with stand. 
  • Only one like this in stock.
  • From an old 1950-1990s collection.
  • Location - Arizona. This is similar to petrified wood which is found in the Petrified Forest National Park. The petrified forest encompasses nearly 100,000 acres and this wood comes from land outside of the park.

This petrified wood slab delivers natural simplicity to tabletops, display cases, and shelves, and is a gorgeous accent to any office or living room display.

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